Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Rantings

So in the interest of being an 'early adopter' I have decided to start a blog. Not because I really wanted to or because I care to share my thoughts, but because I can use this forum to publicly ridicule others.

I said to my good friend David Freshwater "Hey Freshy, I think I'll start a blog!" to which he replied "No one wants to read about your life, your as boring as Women's Basketball." Needless to say my feelings were a little hurt. I decided to prove him wrong.

When I sat down to think of what makes my life exciting I came up with a top four. 1. Recieving A's on tests. 2. Alcoholic Beverages. 3. Hang Gliding. 4. Future Career prospects Ok So I don't go hang gliding. Which reduces my top four by 25%.

I just saw Andrew Hulsey, who's blog originally inspired mine. Usually people just whine alot about how they miss their family or how challenging these upcoming 5 tests are going to be. Boring. I only have like 2 classes. and ones golf. Hulsey's showed me that Blogs can be about random funny events, even though the Notebook/ Handholding story was merely a fabrication. And thus, this Chronicle of my events was conceived.